Long, Frederick, Lemieux, Wirtz, Koehler and Meier Victorious at 141 Speedway
By Marco and Dominic Aregoni

(Francis Creek, WI)- Six divisions saw 140 cars take to the high banks 1/3 at 141 for the season opening race. The racing was hard as usual for an opening night but only saw four cautions total in the six Feature events. Josh Long outlasted all IMCA Modified challengers in taking home the top prize.

Other Feature winners from opening night included: Kyle Frederick (IMCA Stockcars) Ryan Lemieux (IMCA Sportmods) Steven Wirtz (Brian Peterson Grand Nationals) Kraig Koehler (Street Stocks) and Mike Meier (IMCA Sport Compacts.)

Luke Lemmens used his front row starting spot to jump up front in the IMCA Modified Main Event. Lemmens was rocking with Josh Long moving along quicker in the second position. Lemmens led the first five laps until Long passed with a move down low out of turn four. Long would continue to lead with Lemmens in tow until the only caution would fly on lap 10. Long would get a great jump on the restart with Jeremy Jacobs flying from fifth to second. Jacobs would gain momentum on the leader for a couple of laps. Long was able to keep Jacobs behind and pick up the opening night win in the IMCA Modifieds. Long picked up $600 in just lap leader money. Jacobs finished second with R.M. VanPay third. T.J. Smith had a great opening night with a fourth-place finish. Lemmens rounded out the top five.


Devin Snellenberger returned to 141 Speedway in the IMCA Stockcars and had luck on his side with his front row starting spot. Snellenberger jumped on point with pressure from defending champion John Heinz. Kyle Frederick started in the seventh position and quickly moved forward using his famous topside. Frederick knocked off Brett Wenzel and Heinz and went after Snellenberger. Frederick got to him on lap six and then on lap seven took command of the ship. Frederick worked the caution free event to perfection on top and through the middle and never looked back. Frederick picked up $600 in lap leader money in the win. Snellenberger drove to second. Wenzel out dueled Heinz for third. Brett Koehler raced from his 11th starting spot to finish fifth.

Vince Engebregtsen stormed out strong early in the IMCA Sportmod Showdown with Ryan Lemieux coming with. Engebregtsen would lead the field with Lemieux chomping at the bit down low. Lemieux chewed into the lead of Engebregtsen and moved into the lead on lap six. Hunter Parsons would take the second spot away just a couple of laps later. Parsons would use the next ten laps to track down Lemieux as he moved through lapped traffic. Lemieux ran the middle and lower grooves through the lapped traffic with Parsons sticking to the bottom. With three laps remaining, Lemieux and Parson went for the same spot on the track and contact was made. Lemieux stayed strong with Parsons suffering a broken tie-rod sending him to the infield. Lemieux picked up the win with Engebregtsen second. Bruce Belland came across the line third with Jacob Zellner and Kevin Bethke finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Steven Wirtz had been so close to a Brian Peterson Builder’s Grand National Feature win. He was so close that the saying on his car is, “So close I can taste it.” He can now officially change that for week two if he wants. Steven Wirtz worked the Grand National 20 lap Main Event to perfection. Wirtz checked out like grocery store clerk and never looked back. Wirtz entered lapped traffic on lap eight and drove through like a chess match. Wirtz was never touched and picked up his first career Grand National Feature win. Greg Haese finished second with Terry Van Roy third. Shawn Schmitt was fourth and Kevin Naidl fifth.

2012 Street Stock Champion Kraig Koehler got back into Championship form on opening night of 2017. Koehler dominated the entire night earning the clean sweep. Koehler dealt with Clint Evans through the middle portion of the Feature event. Koehler drove to victory lane comfortably in front of the field. Mike Carter took control of second late beating Evans for second. Shawn Haydon charged from 11th to finish fourth. Allen Dillon finished fifth.


Mike Zitzer led every lap of the IMCA Sport Compact Feature except the final one. Mike Meier passed Zitzer out of turn four to pick up the win. Brian Watzka Jr finished third in front Ethan Beattie and Brandon Goesser.




Go to www.141speedway.com for all track information.

IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Josh Long 2. Jeremy Jacobs 3. R.M. VanPay 4. T.J. Smith 5. Luke Lemmens
Heats- #1 1. Jay Matthias 2. Van Pay
#2 1. Jacobs 2. Long
#3 1. Lemmens 2. Matt Klenz

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Kyle Frederick 2. Devin Snellenberger 3. Brett Wenzel 4. John Heinz 5. Bret Koehler
B Main #1 1. Larry Karcz Jr
#2 1. Todd Augustian
Heats- #1 1. Paul Diefenthaler 2. John Adams
#2 1. Snellenberger 2. Jerry Leary
#3 1. Frederick 2. Kyle Szymanski
#4 1. Wenzel 2. Dave Bouche

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Ryan Lemieux 2. Vince Engebregtsen 3. Bruce Belland 4. Jacob Zellner 5. Kevin Bethke
Heats- #1 1. Engebregtsen 2. Phil Mott
#2 1. Hunter Parson 2. Zellner

Brian Peterson Builder’s Grand National Feature- 1. Steven Wirtz 2. Greg Haese 3. Terry Van Roy 4. Shawn Schmitt 5. Kevin Naidl

Heats- #1 1. Schmitt 2. Wirtz
#2 1. Tim Mueller 2. Jonathon Otte

Street Stock Feature- 1. Kraig Koehler 2. Mike Carter 3. Clint Evans 4. Shawn Haydon 5. Allen Dillon
B Main- 1. Dave Gauger
Heats- #1 1. Carter 2. James Dahlstrom
#2 1. Haydon 2. Ray Fuller
#3 1. Koehler 2. Evans

IMCA Sport Compact Feature- 1. Mike Meier 2. Mike Zitzer 3. Brian Watzka Jr 4. Ethan Beattie 5. Brandon Goesser
B Main- 1. Tony Fox
Heats- #1 1 Tony Fletcher 2. Goesser
#2 1. Brody Rivest 2. Watzka Jr
#3 1. Shaun Bangart 2. Zitzer